Virtual Management Presence

Cloud-Monitored Surveillance

Virtual Management Presence is a cloud-based surveillance company that provides a unique methodology to prevent losses, liabilities, injuries, and damages before they occur. Our team of experts consist of some of the top security and technology professionals in the world. What makes our team so special... Our team members are all ex-Military and ex-Law Enforcement trained operatives with years of practical field experience. With decades of management experience and customer service superiority VMP has re-invented the security industry.


There are things we know... There are things we might not know... There are also things we don't know we don't know.


The VMP - Solutus Loss Prevention Platform gives you better performance from what you know, identifies what you suspect and uncovers things you never knew.


Experience the only Security Solution that provides real-time actionable intelligence using military grade analytics, professional investigators and uniform reporting all included in a Free-of-Charge platform for a fraction of the cost of hourly security personnel.


VMP - Solutus... Save Money, Protect your Assets, Avoid False Claims, Lower your Insurance, Increase Productivity.





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