Our Services

Customized to Precisely Fit your Needs.

Our service begins with a site risk assessment study that will lead to the precise customized security package that will best protect your site. Some of our product offerings include:

Virtual Trip Wire

Intrusion detection in a particular zone

Object Monitor

Movement detection of an object

Subject Tracker

Lock in and tracking of specific individuals

License Plate Detection

HiRez camera zoom in to license plates

Facial Recognition

Facial features cross referenced to a database

Panic Button

Emergency assistance button

Congestion Detection

Lines or back up at service areas

Counter Flow Alert

Detection of reverse traffic flow

People Counter

Ability to virtually count people

Point of Sales Monitor

Synchronized POS video surveillance

Voice Down Technology

Ability to address intrusions live

Instant Video Reporting

Ability to stream video live to law enforcement

Customized Response Action

Ability to pre-configure response actions



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