Our Approach

VMP provides Preventive Monitoring Programs designed to stop crimes before they happen.
Using advanced Video Content Analytics that make cameras “smart”, we automate threat
detection. When the system detects a threat, such as an intruder approaching a restricted area, it
escalates that event instantly to our team of ex-military and law enforcement professionals.
These experienced professionals then respond to the event by performing an audible challenge,
(talking to the intruder via a PA system installed at the location) or by dispatching local Law
Enforcement Officers to the scene.

Our Operators

VMP SARC operators, analysts and consultants all come from military or law enforcement
backgrounds. We choose SARC team members who have served in positions that prepare them
well for their duties within VMP. Once a candidate joins our team, we continue their training
and education so that they are the best at what they do.
Some of the areas our operators are trained in are:

  • Counter Terrorism
  •  Building Safety and Security
  • Workplace Violence
  • Loss Prevention
  • Investigations
  • Weapon Systems and Tactics
  • Imagery Analysis
  • Behavioral Analysis
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Physical Security and Force Protection

Commercial Buildings

Commercial Office Buildings are at the center of the world economy. Bustling with activity,
teaming with all kinds of businesses and people, office buildings are the true melting pots of our
society. Unfortunately, they are frequently targets of terrorism, active killer scenarios, work
place violence, vandalism, transients and a host of other issues.
Building management is faced on a daily basis with keeping these centers of commerce safe,
functional and comfortable for the many people who work in and visit them. This is a daunting
task with an ever changing array of threats. Wouldn’t you feel safer with a team of seasoned
military and law enforcement professionals watching over your property? That is exactly what
you get with VMP. You can choose from our outstanding service offerings to suite your
complex, all operated by top professionals.

Virtual Concierge

When people come to your building during, or after business hours, you want to keep your
building safe while providing your visitors with the best possible experience. With our Virtual
Concierge Service, you can control access to your building and greet visitors with
professionalism and excellent customer service attitude. Each guest is archived so there is a
record of visitors and given way finding help to guide them to their destination within the

Digital Signage, Marketing and Way Finding Kiosks

Digital Interactive Signage is helping breathe new life into buildings around the world. VMP
partners only with the best of the best technology companies in the world to provide Digital
Signage solutions that modernize and bring an element of sophistication to the building. They
are also a great source of additional income. Combine cutting edge Digital Signage and way
finding technology with the VMP SARC team, and you have a powerful but friendly security


VMP has emerged as the worlds top Hospitality Virtual Management provider. We work with
top brands and provide valuable services that can’t be found anywhere else in the industry. Here
are just a few of the areas where we shine in protecting our hospitality clients:

Facial Recognition based Customer Loyalty, Protection and Fraud Prevention

At VMP we use only the best in breed products. Our facial recognition partner Herta, provides
the world’s most advanced facial recognition product. With it, we can ensure that loyal guests
receive a personalized greeting with each visit and are made to feel special and well cared for.
We can also deny entry to subjects who are not welcome on the property. Credit card and check
fraud features are powerful ways to protect the property and the card holder and as always, we
utilize local law enforcement to protect your team members and guests from dangerous

Valet Vehicle Damage Claims

Each year, we save our clients tens of thousands of dollars in losses from false or inaccurate
vehicle damage and loss claims. Amazingly, we also give our clients time back, since the
parking and security managers need not take time out of their day to operate technology or
prepare evidence or reports. It’s all take care of for them, so they can stay productive and
focused on their work.

Counter Terrorism OverWatch

Unfortunately, hotels and resorts are often targeted by terrorists. With our Trend Analysis and
OverWatch programs, our clients have the benefit of military professionals and security experts
watching over their property. When a response is needed, the SARC works directly with local
Law Enforcement and first responders, expertly guiding them and providing real time actionable
intelligence so they can end the threat quickly and effectively.

Safety and Security Policy Enforcement

Hotels generally have safety and security protocols in place, to help protect team members and
guests but lapses in adherence or failure to practice those policies can result in injury or loss.
With VMP, your managers will have regular reports to help them identify problem areas and
address them before losses occur. Managers can’t always be there to observe and encourage
team members to do the right thing but with our reporting services, they always know how to
address productivity and internal loss and shrinkage.

Guest Experience Reporting

Perhaps the single most important factor in how guests rate hotels and resorts is the guest
experience. As travelers choose which hotel to stay in or hold an event, they place a great deal
of weight on review sites. They draw on the experiences other guests have had at your property
before making their decision. VMP monitoring programs can provide you with an invaluable
insight into the guest experience. These reports detail elements of each interaction with the
guest, from body language to wait time. Each report is customized using your directives, to
report on the elements and areas you care about. The results are presented completely
objectively and without bias so you get an outsiders look at your facility.


Human guards are often inexperienced and lack focus and dedication to protecting your site.
They also create liability simply by being present on your site. They can hurt themselves, or
become a target for intruders. Even worse, they can cause negative experiences for your
customers and even expose you to risks that you weren’t aware of.
VMP is capable of providing the widest range of services available in the market. Because we
employ only top military and law enforcement operators, you can rest easy knowing that your
site is being protected by true professionals. In situations where human guards are a
requirement, VMP operators act as a powerful force multiplier, providing direction to on site
guards to keep them safe and help them be present when and where they are needed.
Here are some of the many comprehensive services we provide:

  • Threat Detection and Intrusion Prevention
  • Vandalism, Loss and Shrinkage Prevention
  • Virtual Concierge / Virtual Security Officer Service
  • Event Protection and Attendance Count
  • Customer Experience Monitoring and Reporting
  • Active Shooter Response
  • Medical Emergency Response


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