Commercial Buildings


Each year, commercial building owners and mangers across the United States experience significant losses due to theft, vandalism, slips and falls.

Attempting to keep these structures secure from vandals and compliant with insurance company requirements can be an expensive undertaking. Maintaining uniformed guards over three shifts seven days a week is a typical requirement of insurance companies and very expensive.

Traditional Security has Weaknesses

In addition to uniformed guards, almost every commercial building employs a surveillance system comprised of cameras recorded to Digital Video Recorders and video monitors that are watched by the uniformed guards. Both the surveillance system and the uniformed guards provide a certain level of deterrence, however, each measure also has it’s own weakness, which renders it ineffective and lures owners and managers into a false sense of security.


The Staggering Cost of Manned Security Presence

While human guards may sound good in theory, they are only human and expensive to be sure. Three shifts of uniformed guards can cost in excess of $70,000 per month. That amounts to $840,000 annually, a very heavy load on the profit and loss statement. Are commercial owners and managers getting the security implied by human presence?

Traditional Security Subject to Human Limitations

Guards can only be in one place at one time leaving the other 99% of your space unattended. Further, Guards are distracted in a variety of ways, such as phone calls, email, text messages, blinking, interaction with colleagues, drowsiness and boredom which all lead to reduced effectiveness. Even worse, Guards also become targets for perpetrators leading to injury and death.


Traditional Surveillance Systems provide a false sense of security

Similarly, Recorded Cameras lure us into a false sense of effectiveness. The visual deterrence of cameras being present and the video we hope to garner as we attempt to correct a situation gone wrong is a long shot at best. Unclear images, poor lighting at night, incorrect angles and lenses of cameras are all unfortunate contributors to the ineffectiveness of this counter measure.

Perpetrators Are Aware of the Weaknesses of Traditional Camera Systems

Perpetrators have become immune to the proverbial “Eye-in-the-sky” for some very specific reasons. First of all, they know that no security officer or guard can watch all cameras displayed on one screen at the same time. It is humanly impossible for our eyes and brains to process that many images at once.

Secondly, they know that recorded footage typically gets reviewed only upon an identified incident. That means, only once something has gone wrong or is missing.

Finally, they know that if footage is reviewed, no installation can ever include enough cameras, in the right places, at the right angles, with the right focal length to get the shot for a positive identification or situational identification.


But let’s say we did have the right video footage. The fact remains that the incident is now history, the loss has been experienced and the costly human resources asserted to search through hours of video footage and is retrospective at best, yielding very little, if any, useful insight.


What would it take to deploy a totally effective counter measure that would safeguard your enterprise and lower your cost of operation?


  • An organization of surveillance and security experts that have developed a proactive solution that safeguards your assets and provides you with Total Incident Avoidance.
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Virtual Management Presence is an organization of security and surveillance professionals operating from a Surveillance Acquisition and Response Center using advanced software analytics to provide you with real-time total incident avoidance.

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