Reduce Expenses

Recent economic conditions have driven most companies to take a very hard look at their bottom lines.  Among the top priorities for cost conscious companies are reducing expenditures and operating efficiently.  VMP offers monitoring programs that cut your guard costs in half.  They also help you to reduce exposure to liability and even reduce your monthly insurance premiums.

Learn More About Your Business

Many business owners are unhappily surprised by expenses they never anticipated.  A company can have a lot of moving parts and tasks are delegated to many people.  Your employees, contractors and service providers may be exposing you to risk you never would have imagined. A business owner can’t be present 24/7 to monitor the business, but we can.  Our reports offer you a clear view of the aspects of your business you never knew you didn’t know.  We also provide valuable business metrics that can help you become more productive.

No False Alarms

With traditional security systems, you may receive calls in the small hours which force you to blindly make costly decisions such as whether or not to send police to your location in response to an alarm.  With all that’s at stake, you may be tempted to send police, but if it’s a false alarm you’ll be billed.  With VMP SARC monitoring there are no more false alarms.  That’s because every alert is analyzed, processed and resolved by our highly trained SARC operators; so you never receive that nerve wracking late night call and you sleep well every night.

Save Time

When something goes wrong, it’s often up to the manager to review video footage of the event and produce copies for the appropriate parties.  Tinkering with an unfamiliar technology to retrieve video is time consuming and not the optimal use of a manager’s time.  Our Security Concierge service gives that time back.  Simply request an investigation and the SARC will provide a thorough, uniform report complete with still images, video and expert commentary from the SARC Investigator.  We even distribute the report to all concerned parties, including police, insurance companies, or any other party at your direction.


Reduce Security

Lower Insurance Expense




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